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Be sure to stop by WRPA Booth 31

Be sure to stop by WRPA Booth 31

Be sure to come see us in Booth #31 at the Washington Recreation and Parks Association Conference in Seattle, WA, May 1st - 3rd!

Douglas Road Elementary awarded National Demonstration Site status for Inclusive Play

Douglas Road Elementary awarded National Demonstration Site status for Inclusive Play

LAMBERTVILLE, MI - October 26, 2015 - “We have traveled a long way in search of a place where all kids can play together,” said Carol Perz, Douglas Road Elementary School principal, as she opened the unveiling ceremony for the school’s new CP Swagger Shipyard inclusive playground to the public.

Flanked by the entire student body that also donned complementary pirate attire, Ms. Perz addressed the school’s students, teachers and parents, as well as local dignitaries, which included Lt. Governor Brian Calley. “Today we are here to say thanks to all who worked hard,” she said.

As a part of the unveiling, the CP Swagger Shipyard received PlayCore’s Inclusion National Demonstration Site™ award, for creating a destination where children of all abilities can play together. The site meets the 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design, and features activities that address the following areas of development: cognitive, communicative, sensory, physical, and social/emotional. Michele Chandler, from Play & Park Structures, a PlayCore company, presented the award to Bedford County Public Schools Superintendent, Mark Kleinhans. Ms. Chandler added, “In addition to this award, the playground at Douglas Road Elementary will also be featured in an online registry, where it will be recognized for the commitment you and your community have made to support inclusive play for people of all abilities.”

The ceremony celebrated the conclusion of installing the unique playground, which was inspired as part of the Gandee family’s second annual Cerebral Palsy Swagger, a walk designed to raise awareness for cerebral palsy, which Braden Gandee, who is a student at Douglas Road Elementary, was born with.

“Thank you to all the people who made this possible,” said Braden Gandee, as he spoke from the top of the play structure. “It could not have been done without your support.” Hunter said the playground holds a deep significance to him and his family. “It means inclusion.”

As the ceremony wrapped up, kindergarteners and first graders got a chance to test out the new structure. “It’s really fun. We just like how we can play on it and Braden can play with us,” said Emma Price, 7, a second-grader at Douglas Road Elementary.

Zachary Reyna Park awarded National Demonstration Site designation by PlayCore

Zachary Reyna Park awarded National Demonstration Site designation by PlayCore

Zachary Reyna Memorial Playground – a small community with a very big dream

LABELLE, FL, October 15, 2015 – In this small community of less than 4,500 residents, it is surprising to see a large playground structure surrounded by towering oak trees, aesthetically arranged native plantings, and outdoor fitness equipment strategically placed for optimum supervision.  These types of community projects are more typically found in larger cities and communities where tax dollars for park and recreation projects are more abundant and readily available.

“At the conception of this playground project, we recognized that the funding would not be coming from local revenue,” says Ramiro Rodriguez, Hendry LaBelle Recreation Director. “I realized that I would need to put a board together that would be deeply connected in the community, and able to use their considerable influence to secure 100% in donor funding.”  Mr. Rodriguez’s team did not let him down.  In fact, one of the largest donors doesn’t even live in the local community.

Elizabeth Bumgarner lives over 13 miles away in Alva, in neighboring Lee County.  When asked why she donated such a significant amount of funding for this project, she simply stated, “I wanted children to have a safe place to play, and I believe in paying it forward.”

Ms. Bumgarner and Mr. Rodriguez were on hand to receive the National Demonstration Site Award for Play On!, which designates a community’s commitment to physical activity on the playground. The Play On! Program combines playground activities with six key elements of play to promote overall fitness: balancing, brachiating (bilateral upper body activities), climbing, sliding, swinging and spinning. As a National Demonstration Site, the site will receive certification, become a part of a national registry, and is promoted actively to inspire other communities to promote physical activity and share best practices. Michele Chandler, Director of Marketing for Play & Park Structures presented the award. “We are so pleased to see a small community place such a large emphasis on the physical well being of it’s youngest constituents.  This playground represents the commitment this community has made to supporting its youth and families.”

On hand to demonstrate the physical activity focus of this Play & Park Structures playground were the first and third grade students from nearby LaBelle Elementary School.  As the youngsters climbed across cables, soared on swings, hung from overhead loops, and spun on a merry-go-round, the adults nearby enjoyed comfortable seating under shady oak trees, intentionally positioned for that very purpose. Mr. Rodriguez added “We heard from parents that they love taking their kids to the playground, but under the strong Florida sun they often found themselves overheated and ready to go home. With the shade provided by the trees and the stream behind the site, they are more comfortable to linger as they supervise their children.”

The Zac Reyna Memorial Playground is located at the Community Civic Park at 800 Jaycee Lions Drive, just behind LaBelle Elementary School