Playgrounds for Faith-Based & Religious Organizations

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The Safety Upgrade Your Playground Deserves

Your religious organization has been proudly serving worshippers for many years. Every pew and book of worship has its own story to tell — touched by countless hands week after week. Many congregations have playgrounds that show the same loving wear and tear… old and weathered from decades of play. 

Sometimes, other needs take priority over a new playground, like replacing your building’s roof or altar. Yet, we can’t forget the safety and developmental needs of our youth. Give your playground the upgrade your children deserve with help from Play & Park Structures. From connecting you to grant opportunities to offering the best warranty in the industry, it’s all a part of our unique boutique experience. Let’s design a playground the whole congregation will appreciate — together.

The Perks of Working With
Play & Park Structures


Superior Safety

Safety is at the top of our priority list — and we’ve got superior certifications to prove it. From choosing only the highest-quality playground equipment to our meticulous design and installation processes, Play & Park Structures creates safe play spaces where your children can focus on having fun!


Funding Assistance

The Play & Park Structures team understands that religious organizations rely heavily on support from churchgoers and have limited financial resources. But cost should never be an obstacle in your children’s development.

We’re here to connect you with church-specific grant opportunities, cooperative buying, financing, and more to make your commercial playground affordable. We can even help your funding applications stand out. Find out how!


Dependable Warranty & Maintenance

You want long-lasting playground equipment that doesn’t require extensive maintenance and Play & Park Structures boasts one of the best warranties in the industry, including a limited lifetime warranty of all posts, clamps, caps, and hardware. We even offer a Maintenance Guide and a safety inspection checklist to ensure your play space withstands the test of time.


Quality Equipment & Play Value

Not only are Play & Park Structures playgrounds built to last, but they are also designed to promote play value — integrating science-backed research to serve children’s social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, and communication needs. We also offer customize engravings on play panels: the perfect place to feature religious passages and instill lifelong lessons while children play


Community Support

Get your congregation excited about a new playground with help from Play & Park Structures. We can provide a detailed list of benefits for all our commercial playground equipment — ensuring all members understand your park’s value.

We even offer resources for helping you organize church volunteers to handle the install to save money. If you become a National Demonstration Site, you could even attract funding support and gain local recognition.


Impressive Visual Appeal

There’s nothing like a shiny, new church playground to attract young families to your congregation. We share detailed 3D renderings of your playground’s design early in our process, so you can be confident it’ll look exactly as you envision. Discover what to expect from our boutique experience here.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Church Playgrounds

Choosing a pre-designed structure from our website or catalog is the quickest way to get your system delivered, but we also offer designs created just for you. Custom designs will add to the timeline, as they will need to be designed and rendered according to your specifications. After placing your order, your equipment should arrive within 4-8 weeks.

Yes! There are many funding options to help you achieve a new play space for your church or religious organization. Play & Park Structures is part of several buying cooperatives (OMNIA Partners, for example).

They are national cooperatives, leveraging large pools of purchasing potential, allowing you to buy without going through the bid process. Play & Park Structures also offers our customers the ability to purchase through our leasing program, powered by Navitas. Access the application form today.

Depending on the size of your playground and surfacing choice, you can expect to estimate about 5-10% of the original equipment cost annually on maintenance needs.

The number of children attending the school, as well as the number of playgrounds on the campus, will also have an effect on wear and tear maintenance. Your local Play Consultant can assist in estimating maintenance costs.

Playground pricing depends on many factors, including the size of your space and the specific products you choose. Are you adding freestanding equipment to an existing play space for a refresh or building a new playground for a growing congregation?

Either way, we can design a playground within almost any budget. You can expect to spend anywhere between $2,000 to $250,000.

Yes. You can choose to take on a volunteer install, but we recommend hiring a certified installer to supervise, assist, and inspect the playground for superior safety and the long-term longevity of your structure.

The Play & Park Structures team can design a church playground to be inclusive of infants from ages 6 to 23 months as well as children from 2 to 12 years old. Ask your local Play Consultant how we design inclusive playground today.

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Play & Park Structures has been working with Ministers and communities for decades to create safe, long-lasting playgrounds that children of all ages and abilities will love. Chat with your own local Play Consultant today!