Playgrounds for the Community

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Playgrounds the Whole Community Will Love

Few things are more fulfilling than seeing families in your community having fun outside! Playgrounds are special places where children of all ages and abilities come together to be active, connect, learn, and laugh — and where parents can join in on the experience! It’s rewarding knowing you’ll be the one who brought them together by gifting them a new playground. 

Whether you’re building a communal play system for your housing development or to enliven a public destination such as a racetrack or an amusement park, Play & Park Structures is here to make designing and installing your play space worthwhile. Discover what makes our boutique experience truly unique!

The Perks of Working With
Play & Park Structures


Help Winning Community Support

Families want their children’s community play space to be safe and inclusive, promoting physical and developmental growth. Play & Park Structures is here to help you earn their buy-in by providing a detailed list of benefits for all our commercial playground equipment — ensuring everyone within the community understands your park’s value and objectives.


Impressive Visual Appeal

There’s nothing like a shiny, new playground to enliven your community space or neighborhood. Play & Park Structures shares detailed 3D renderings of your playground’s design early in our process, so you can be confident it’ll look exactly as you envision. Discover what to expect from our unique boutique experience here.


Funding Assistance

Cost should never be an obstacle in supporting your community. We’re here to connect you with grant opportunities, cooperative buying, financing, and more to make your commercial playground affordable. We can even help your funding applications stand out. Find out how!


Quality Equipment & Play Value

You want long-lasting playground equipment that doesn’t require extensive maintenance, and Play & Park Structures offers the highest-quality structures and warranty you deserve. Not only are Play & Park Structures built to last, they are also designed to promote play value — integrating science-backed research to serve children’s social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, and communication needs.



We help build parks where children of all ages and abilities can play and grow. Whether it’s adding a ramp for wheelchair accessibility or music stations to encourage social communication and collaboration, our inclusive playground designs ensure everyone in the community can enjoy your park.


Site Recognition

Play & Park Structures partner with PlayCore to recognize extra special playgrounds — play spaces that go above and beyond standard offerings by incorporating the 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design, youth physical activity, or nature into their community site.

Each National Demonstration Site Program recipient receives special signage for serving as a leader for your community and also often gains national awareness through various media outlets, press releases, collateral materials, and nationwide presentations!

Frequently Asked Questions About
Our Playgrounds

Play & Park Structures offers you the best price possible by leveraging buying contracts or providing our leasing program. Discover how to maximize your budget and fund a playground with our help.

Choosing a predesigned structure from our website or catalog is the quickest way to have your system delivered, but we also offer designs created just for you. Custom designs will extend the timeline, as each custom order is designed and rendered according to your specifications. After your order is placed, your play equipment should arrive within 4 to 8 weeks.

Yes, we only have trained and certified installers for all of our products. Ask your local Play Consultant for more information.

Play & Park Structures boasts one of the best warranties in the industry. We provide a limited-lifetime warranty on all posts, clamps, caps, and hardware. Most other components carry a 15-year limited warranty. Explore our warranty details.

Make it a National Demonstration Site for inclusion, children’s physical fitness, or incorporating nature and/or adult fitness! If your playground qualifies, you’ll receive a letter of recognition and special signage for serving as a leader in best practice implementation for your community.

The playground will also gain national awareness through various media outlets, press releases, collateral materials, and nationwide presentations! Those who donate funds for the playground may also install signage recognizing their contributions.

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Meet Your Play Consultant!

Play & Park Structures has been working with housing developers and community-focused businesses for decades to create safe, long-lasting playgrounds that children of all ages and abilities will love. Chat with your own local Play Consultant today!