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Types of Playground Equipment

aerial shot of Michael Benavidez Memorial Playground that has blue and light red top slides and covers

Building the Perfect Playground,
Part by Part

As you begin designing and building your first commercial playground, you’ll start to notice that every feature has its own name, from the components that attach to the play structure — like slides and ramps — to the site furnishings surrounding the space — like benches and picnic tables. 

To make designing your playground easier, we’ve organized all playground equipment into distinct categories. Learn more about each category we offer at Play & Park Structures and start building your play space today.

Playground Components

Playground equipment is made up of unique components that are attached directly to the main playground structure. These are the actual parts children play on — from challenging climbers and thrilling slides to dramatic panels and relaxing cozy spots.

Components are the easiest way to customize your playground, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind play structure.

Choose from hundreds of Play & Park Structures components, such as:

  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Roofing
  • Overhead Ladders
  • Slides
  • Climbers

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green climbing wall at playground

Freestanding Playground Equipment

Unlike components, freestanding playground equipment is not attached to the main playground structure. These are exciting stand-alone features such as swing sets, see-saws, and rock climbing equipment that give children a quieter space away from the main structure to play!

Best of all, freestanding playground equipment can be added to an existing playground for an instant refresh without having to invest in an entirely new playground.

Examples of freestanding playground equipment include:

  • Spinners
  • Bouncers
  • Climbers
  • Nets
  • Merry Go Rounds
  • Swings

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young boy in a red shirt pushing young girl on small green playground equipment

Playground Surfacing

Children need compliant and durable materials beneath their feet for traction and impact protection. The right surfacing can even bring color and life to a play space, in vibrant hues to make your playground look fun and inviting!

All Play & Park Structures playground surfacing is designed to endure natural wear and tear from weather and years of play.

Explore our extensive variety of playground surfacing materials, such as:

  • Engineered Wood Fiber
  • Shredded Rubber
  • Poured Rubber
  • Bonded Rubber
  • Tiles
  • Play Turf
shot of young children's legs as they run at a playground

Site Furnishings

The finishing touch to any recreation space is adding the right site furnishings, giving parents and caretakers a comfortable spot to relax while children play.

From cozy seating areas under the shade to neat trash and recycling bins to keep the space clean, some examples of site furnishings include:

  • Benches
  • Bike Racks
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Picnic Tables
  • Shelters
shot of people working out on fitness equipment outside at park

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Make your park inclusive to generations 13 years old and up by adding outdoor fitness equipment near the playground! While a caretaker watches the kids play, another can work out in the sunshine.

Examples of Play & Park Structures outdoor fitness equipment include:

  • Cardio Walkers
  • Step Up Stations
  • Joint Use Pull Bar Stations
  • Push Up Stations
  • Chest or Leg Presses

Sports Equipment

Sports spaces are a fantastic addition to any park and playground. Adding a nearby tennis or basketball court encourages children and adults alike to collaborate and have fun while playing games.

Examples of Play & Park Structures sports equipment products include:

  • Football Goalposts
  • Basketball Backboards
  • Soccer Goals
  • Baseball Backstops
  • Tennis Nets

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several silver soccer goals inside of one another

Explore All
Playground Equipment

As a partner of one of the largest playground equipment suppliers in the United States, Play & Park Structures produces some of the highest-quality equipment in the business.

Curious to see all the different types of playground equipment you could add to your play space? See everything and use filters to sort.