Marketing and programming ideas are highlighted to help communities increase their use and potential revenue sources. Successful off-leash dog park case studies are also presented to help inspire advocates to take action in their community.

Unleashed 2019 Guidebook Cover with woman and yellow labrador dog on the front


The Unleashed guidebook educates professionals, individuals, and communities on how they can advocate for off-leash dog parks. The guidebook provides information on the value and benefits of these spaces, the design considerations associated with dog parks, and planning and implementation strategies. 

Benefits associated with the creation of dog parks impact dog owners, dogs, and the communities where these parks are located. Dog parks help both pets and owners increase enjoyment for the outdoors, while providing a wealth of additional health and well-being benefits, as well as social and community advancements. To ensure these benefits, a variety of considerations should be taken into account. Unleashed helps identify these considerations, and offers a framework to implementation, including case studies of successful projects.

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