Playgrounds for Elementary Schools & Educational Institutions

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Play Systems That Foster Health, Wellness, &
Social Benefits

Elementary school playgrounds have to serve a wide range of students — from Kindergarten through 5th or 6th grade. That means your district needs one single play space that’s inclusive to children of varying ages and abilities. 

Here at Play & Park Structures, we’re proud leaders in inclusive playground design for elementary schools. As a part of our unique boutique experience, we help you create play spaces with graduated levels of challenge, cooperative play, and more to serve The Whole Child through all stages of youth development.

Together, let’s design a commercial playground that students and parents will love, year after year!

The Perks of Working With
Play & Park Structures


Health, Wellness, & Social Benefits

Above all, an elementary school playground should support the health, wellness, and socialization of students.

Play & Park Structures incorporates extensive science-backed design and play research into our blueprints — including the 7 Principles of Inclusive Design, the 6 Elements of Play, and other Whole Child development best practices — so you’ll never have to doubt your playground’s benefits for children of all ages and abilities.

Help Winning Community Support

Parents want their children’s school playground to be safe and inclusive, promoting physical and developmental growth all throughout their elementary years.

Play & Park Structures is here to help you earn their buy-in by providing a detailed list of benefits for all our commercial playground equipment — ensuring everyone at the district meeting understands your park’s value and objectives.


We build elementary school playgrounds where children of all ages and abilities can play and grow. Whether it’s adding a ramp for wheelchair accessibility or incorporating equipment with graduated levels of physical challenge — which allow children to move through beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels as they progress in skill — our inclusive playground designs ensure the needs of The Whole Child are met through their elementary years.

Superior Safety

Safety is at the top of our priority list — and we’ve got superior certifications to prove it. From choosing only the highest-quality playground equipment to our meticulous design and installation processes, Play & Park Structures creates safe play spaces where students can focus on having fun!

Impressive Visual Appeal

There’s nothing like a shiny, new playground to attract parents and students to your elementary school. We share detailed 3D renderings of your playground’s design early in our process, so you can be confident it’ll look exactly as you envision. Discover what to expect from our boutique experience here.

Funding Assistance

The Play & Park Structures team understands that many schools have limited financial resources. Sometimes, the cost of a new roof or classroom iPads can deplete your playground budget. But cost should never be an obstacle in your students’ development.

We’re here to connect you with school-specific grant opportunities, cooperative buying, financing, and more to make your commercial playground affordable. We can even help your funding applications stand out. Find out how!

Frequently Asked Questions About
School Playgrounds

Play & Park Structures boasts one of the best warranties in the industry. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all posts, clamps, caps, and hardware. Most other components carry a 15-year limited warranty. Explore our warranty details.

Play & Park Structures will provide our standards-based curriculum kit to be used with the outdoor playground space.

The activities in the curriculum kit are designed to be performed on the playground, while also helping students meet classroom standards in topics such as Science, Math, Art, and more.

Every Play & Park Structures’ playground is designed with all children who will use it in mind. All products are IPEMA-certified in compliance with ASTM and CPSC standards.

Our facility is certified as ISO 9001 for manufacturing standards of quality, production, and installation and ISO 14001 for environmental management, measurement, and evaluation. Learn more about our safety standards.

Depending on the size of your playground and surfacing choice, you can expect to estimate about 5-10% of the original equipment cost annually on maintenance needs.

The number of children attending the school, as well as the number of playgrounds on the campus, will also have an effect on wear and tear maintenance. Your local Play Consultant can assist in estimating maintenance costs.

Yes! We believe play is an essential part of each child’s development — and physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why we encourage movement with a focus on balance, coordination, and climbing in our Play On! Program. Request the Play On! Executive Summary to learn more.

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Meet Your Play Consultant!

Play & Park Structures has been working with School District Heads and School Business Officials for decades to create safe, long-lasting playgrounds that students of all ages and abilities will love. Chat with your own local Play Consultant today!