Why Play & Park Structures?

Children Come First

Here at Play & Park Structures, our mission is to develop playground products, programs, and services that promote physical activity, enhance childhood learning, child development, and build communities. To us, that means your childrens’ needs are always our first priority. We use our science-based playground research and design to ensure kids of all ages and abilities feel included and stimulated in their play space.

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Our Promise to You

There’s something special about working with Play & Park Structures to design your next playground. 

Our boutique experience means you always receive:

  • Start-to-finish support
  • Play spaces for everyone
  • Science behind every design
  • Genuine care and a personalized experience
  • Patented play activities
  • And playgrounds of all sizes — fast!

Our Affiliations


Utah State University


7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design is a comprehensive design guide for creating truly inclusive play spaces. It was created by researchers, architects and play experts at Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities in partnership with Playcore, and it guides our evidence-based inclusive design with our in-house designers on a daily basis.


Natural Learning Initiative

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A growing body of research reveals a strong link between children’s experiences of being outdoors in nature and their psychological well-being and overall development. PlayCore has partnered with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University to develop NatureGrounds Best Practice guidelines to deliberately design nature back into the lives of children where they play. Benefits include increasing physical activity levels and to creating richer play experiences for all users. Play & Park Structures can guide you in creating a NatureGrounds National Demonstration
Site (NDS) at your playground.


The National Institute for Play

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The National Institute for Play is dedicated to advancing society’s awareness that playing creates emotionally healthy, competent people, which is something that Play & Park Structures believes in deeply. That’s why our parent company brings in scholars like Dr. Stuart Brown to educate our team on the science of play and its benefits for all generations.


Robert-Leslie Publishing

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We partnered with Robert-Leslie Publishing to develop the first and only standards-based Outdoor Creative Play & Learning Curriculum for use in playground settings. This curriculum brings classroom learning outdoors for children to experience the benefits of nature.

Maintaining the Utmost
Quality and Compliance

This accolade ensures you’ll receive the same exceptional quality every time you choose Play & Park Structures. ISO 9001 demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer regulatory requirements.

Never worry about your playground rusting with Play & Park Structures. Our PCI 4000 certification proves our products receive the highest level of powder coating quality in the industry.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Your new playground starts with a simple chat with our enthusiastic, knowledgeable team. Our Play Consultants are ready to bring your vision to life, today.