A-Maze Panels

Providing a balance of free play and structured play is important for children's development. The a-maze motion panel system provides an outdoor learning option that fosters creativity and imagination with innovative activity panels that can be manipulated to create new play experiences with each visit.

Child in green shirt standing and smiling at the camera while holding onto a brown and yellow playground freestanding structure


a-maze Panels | Designed for ages 2-5 & 5-12.

Individual a-maze panels can be used almost anywhere play happens.

1. Select from 3 different activity panels.

2. Choose from 13 unique and inspiring customizable activity inserts.

3. Create a-maze-ment!

Create Mazes | Designed for ages 2-5 & 5-12.

The best way to understand how a-maze panels work is to watch kids using them - View the ‘Egg and Spoon Race’ video and learn about more a-maze activities.

Yellow, green, red, and blue 6-Panel Fun Station
Blue, red, yellow, and green 6-Panel Fun Station

Funstations | Designed for ages 2-5 & 5-12.

Here’s a simple way to incorporate the a-maze motion panel system into your playground with the addition of shade, and offer multiple ground level activities that create a naturally inclusive play environment for children of all abilities. Choose from one of our preconfigured designs or create your own custom design for your space!


Receive the standards-based a-maze Activity Guide to enhance the learning experience on the playground, free with purchase of the a-maze motion panel system.

The a-maze panel curriculum kit was developed in partnership with PlayCore and Robert Leslie Publishing Company.

A-maze revolutionary motion panels curriculum kit