Playground Designs

Play & Park Structures offers a wide array of designs to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your recreation space. Choose from one of our pre-designed structures shown in our catalog or on our website, or you can work with a Play & Park Structures’ Recreation Consultant to create a truly unique and custom structure that meets your facilities expectations. Regardless of the size of the structure, our playground designs will address many critical health benefits on your system.

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Play & Park Structures’ expansive variety of play components offers many benefits to children’s health by building upper body strength, lower body strength, cardiovascular, core, and overall stability and balance.  Regardless of the size of the structure, our designs will address these critical benefits on your system.

With so many options, the design process can sometimes become overwhelming; keep these simple guidelines in mind when deciding what play components are best for your project:

  • Age groups that will use the playground
  • Size of the planned recreation space
  • Child capacity
  • Activities type preferences (fitness-based, more slides, climbers, etc.)

Custom Playground Design

Play & Park has its own CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Team who is qualified and certified in National Playground Safety Inspection (NPSI).  The CAD team reviews your area, product interests, and safety standards to design a one-of-a kind playground structure. We work hand-in-hand to get the best design possible for your space, children’s ages, and the activities that you require.

The CAD Team has also been trained in designing ADA accessible structures.  Every element of design is thoughtfully considered, down to the simple idea of playground flow and what’s fun on the structure. It’s an added advantage to have your structure designed by these experts.

Steps To Designing A Playground

1. Choose Your Playground Goals

 Are you wanting to design an inclusive playground or one that replicates natural play? Are you wanting to develop an outdoor fitness park or include pieces of equipment for adults along with children? These questions are necessary to ask when designing a playground because each decision you make will take you one step closer to meeting those goals. 

2. Choose Playground Surfacing

There are a few unique types of playground surfacing that all provide adequate safety surfacing for children. They each have their unique benefits along with installation costs and longterm maintenance costs. Our friends at Totturf created a playground surfacing comparison article that details the benefits and costs of each style of playground surfacing. The thing to keep in mind when choosing playground surfacing is the critical fall height. It is the necessary depth of safety surfacing to protect children from the max attainable fall from your playground equipment. 

3. Choose Your Playground Equipment

This is the fun part! Playground equipment is the entire reason children play in your park and we love designing and building new sets of playground structures. As a general rule, we suggest choosing playground equipment that will engage children from 0-5 along with older children from 5-12. We have also developed entire groups of inclusive playground equipment to engage children of all abilities!

Please contact us and our team of professional playground designers can help you build the playground of your dreams.