National Demonstration Site Program

Join the movement! Become a National Demonstration Site. Promote leadership through best practice principles that create outdoor play environments that address inclusion, incorporate nature, introduce outdoor fitness, and promote physical activity.

PlayCore‚Äôs National Demonstration Site program was conceived to recognize thoughtfully planned outdoor play environments that ensure that people of all ages and abilities can be physically and socially active through play and recreation. Communities that are recognized can create positive attention and attract partners and funding that support this social capital. Additionally, by collaborating with program partners, the successful process can be replicated for others to share.

By clicking on the NDS logos below, you can view the Points Map that identifies the location and photos of recreation sites that have been recognized for their commitment to inclusion, nature, outdoor fitness, and physical activity.




We have created summary sheets for all 4 of our National Demonstration Site programs. To download this information, please click the links below for the program that aligns with your planned project.

7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design
Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks
Play On! Promoting Physical Activity

National Demonstration Site awardees also receive a letter of recognition and special signage for serving as a leader in best practice implementation for their communities. Their recreation site will also gain national awareness through various media outlets, press releases, collateral materials, and nationwide presentations. To find out if your upcoming project qualifies for National Demonstration Site status, contact your local recreation consultant.