Budgeting & Playground Cost

Budgeting for a new playground is an important process and requires some key considerations during the planning phase. We have compiled a list of key areas that should be identified along with brief descriptions of what each process entails. Not sure where to start? Our dedicated Recreation Consultants are available to walk you through every aspect of your project, with professional expertise and patience.

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In large part, your playground budget will be determined by how many children you expect to use the playground at a given time.  To understand how much a playground could cost, a good general rule is to budget for about $1000 per child. That means that if you expect 50 kids to be able to play there together, you should budget for about $50,000.  The playground development costs should then be compared to the project budget. If development costs exceed the budget, it is almost always better to devise a plan to phase in the project over a period of several years rather than reducing the scope of the playground.


This portion of the budget will cover preparation of the site and installation of safety surfacing (such as engineered wood fiber or shredded rubber). The type of surfacing material, in particular, may have a tremendous impact on the cost of the playground over its life cycle.  Some surfacing types require simple and minimal yearly maintenance like engineered wood fiber, and others may require little to no maintenance like our rubberized surfacing options. Yearly maintenance for surfacing may be as simple as refreshing and spreading the supply of wood fiber under the structure to revitalize the effectiveness of the surfacing attenuation. For more about surfacing options click here…

Surfacing Options


Installation is another expense to plan for when creating a budget for your new playground. Installation of a playground includes: basic site preparation, playground installation, and surfacing installation.  One factor that has an impact on the cost of installation is the site itself. If additional preparation will be needed to clear the site of subsurface rock, additional funds should be planned into the budget. As information about the site is not always known, depending on your local/regional landscape it is typically a good idea to plan for these costs, just in case.

Freight Costs

Freight costs will vary depending on the Play & Park Structures products being ordered, and the ship-to location proximity to our manufacturing facility in Fort Payne, AL. Contact your consultant to get an accurate freight estimate for your project’s budget. To find your local representative click here…

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Site Amenities

It should be noted that site amenities are important but can be costly additions to the playground project. Important site amenities to consider include trash receptacles, benches, tables, grills, and bicycle racks. To see our offering of site amenities please click here…

Site Amenities