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Playground Surfacing

Play & Park Structures offers 6 different types of playground surfacing to accommodate a variety of attenuation needs.

As a playground, the surfacing material should be as safe as the equipment itself. Since most playgrounds are outdoor, the surface also needs to be able to endure weather, wear and tear. Each playground surfacing material has a different set of benefits and is perfect for different situations. Our products are proven to offer a safe surface for children on the playground to fall on. A brief description of each surfacing option is listed below.

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Coal Ridge Park - Frederick, Colorado
SurfaceMax grey, blue, and yellow logo

Play & Park Structures provides a variety of surfacing options for a one-of a-kind, unique play area application. Our recreation consultants will work closely with you to discover user statistics, budget information, site specific conditions, and desired outcomes. With a choice of six different types of playground surfacing options, you will get exactly what you are looking for at the price you had in mind. View our latest catalog HERE.

Highland Park - Chanute, Kansas
SurfaceMax Poured Rubber grey, blue, yellow, teal, and black logo

Utilizing recycled products, SurfaceMax’s Poured Rubber Surfacing offers a range of superior surfaces designed to fit any budget. These two-layered unitary products are impact absorbing, providing resilient non-skid surfaces that are an excellent choice for accessibility. The surface layer may be specified as one or a combination of colors, encouraging graphic designs that can range from custom logos to simple games like tic-tac-toe and hopscotch These graphics can be utilized to enhance ground level play on every playground, thus increasing play value! 

Blue and brown close-up
SurfaceMax Tile Surfacing grey, blue, yellow, beige, and black logo

SurfaceMax Premium Tile Surfacing offers a durable and remarkably resilient recycled rubber granular surface for years of safe play on your playground. SurfaceMax Tiles are available in various thicknesses to provide the appropriate amount of impact attenuation for the critical fall height of your structure or play event. Tile surfacing allows for easy replacement of small areas of surfacing. Premium multicolored tiles, custom edging options and ADA accessible ramp tiles are
also available.

SurfaceMax Play Turf grey, blue, yellow, green, and black logo

SurfaceMax Play Turf is designed to bring the natural look of grass to your playground with lower maintenance. Play Turf is installed to provide the proper impact attenuation for playgrounds at a range of fall heights, and it is a great option for ADA accessibility. This surfacing option promotes quick drainage, enabling the playground to be used immediately following heavy rain. Play Turf from SurfaceMax offers an innovative playground safety surfacing option for commercial playgrounds and is the fastest growing surfacing option among playgrounds today. This type of surfacing is available in several blade lengths and fiber options. 

2 young boys and 2 young girls playing on outdoor playground equipment and SurfaceMax Play Turf
SurfaceMax Engineered Wood Fiber grey, blue, yellow, beige, and black logo

SurfaceMax Engineered Wood Fiber is specifically designed and engineered per the ASTM standard for impact attenuation on playground surfaces. Play & Park Structures suggests the use of wear mats and Park Timbers, and periodic maintenance including adding fiber as needed to maintain the required depth. When compacted, SurfaceMax Engineered Wood Fiber meets the ASTM standard specification for determination of accessibility of surface systems for playgrounds. Colors may vary.

Blue, green, and orange playground during a sunny day
Surface Max Shredded Rubber Loose Fill Mulch Playground
SurfaceMax Shredded Rubber blue, grey, yellow, and black logo

SurfaceMax Shredded Rubber is an extremely durable surfacing option that also provides great impact attenuation. Made from clean, shredded recycled rubber, SurfaceMax Shredded Rubber Surfacing is easily installed and doesn’t decompose, although periodic maintenance is required. This innovative surfacing option is available in four colors. Colors are approximate and may vary.

SurfaceMax Bonded Rubber grey, blue, yellow, and black logo

SurfaceMax’s Bonded Rubber products consist of clean recycled shredded rubber that is coated and mixed with a polyurethane binder. The one step pour system is porous and impact absorbing. Bonded Rubber is a great option for highly accessible paths within the play area and external walkways. The one step pour system creates a seamless surface installed at various depths to meet specific fall heights and is an excellent unitary choice for smaller budgets. 

SurfaceMax Bonded Rubber playground