Temple Trolley

The Temple Trolley is not only an exciting ride, but it may just be the perfect multi-sensory experience!

Dr. Grandin is a world-renowned scientist, inventor, author, and advocate for people with autism. Diagnosed with autism as a child, she went on to pursue work in psychology and animal behavior. By using her ability to see the world through “different eyes”, Dr. Grandin has become the world’s most recognized spokesperson and advocate for people on the autistic spectrum and has written several highly regarded books. Additionally, she revolutionized the livestock handling industry and her impact on humane animal treatment makes her a highly sought-after speaker. She is currently a professor in Animal Science at Colorado State University. 

Play & Park Structures partners with Dr. Grandin and many other researchers, educators, and experts as we continue to develop playgrounds that serve the needs of children of all abilities. 

Why Choose The Temple Trolley? 

Our unique swivel carriage system allows the rider to glide, swing, and spin at the same time. This motion combination benefits individuals with autism by providing sensory information through a developmentally appropriate activity on the playground. 

Why is Spinning So Important?

Through our collaboration with noted autism expert, Dr. Temple Grandin, we learned that the sensation of spinning can often produce a calming effect for some children and adults with autism. Spinning is a sensory-rich movement that promotes balance, posture, and spatial body awareness which are all essential to human development. 

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Dr. Grandin enjoys a ‘spin’ on the prototype at the Play & Park factory. 


“This is just like the piece of equipment a teacher built for me when I was a child. I enjoyed flying through the air, spinning, and riding it over and over again.”
- Dr. Temple Grandin

See the Temple Trolley in Action!