Play & Park Structures wants to help make your new school playground project a reality. We've provided some case studies of successful projects that met the needs of customers focusing on products for schools and related educational environments.

Solana Santa Fe Elementary School

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Solana Santa Fe Elementary School incorporated a structure into their recreation space that combines a traditional deck structure with a deckless unit, encouraging increased physical activity.

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Sulphur Springs Elementary School

Canyon Country, CA

The 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design address the needs of the whole child.

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Valley View Community School

Newhall, CA

This school is a gift to our community as we support all of the children in the valley with special needs.

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Silverdale Baptist Academy

Chattanooga, TN

With high ropes courses gaining national momentum, offering a play system that captures many of these experiences like creative net climbers, challenging virtual tunnels...

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Elroy Elementary School

Pittsburgh, PA

Through a successful GoFundMe campaign, and generous donations from local businesses, Elroy Elementary School has a new playground that will serve not only the students, but the community as well.

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Sally Mauro Elementary School

Helper, UT

Sally Mauro Elementary School in Helper Utah has a new playground! The bright red and white colored equipment features multiple nets and climbing opportunities.

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Quest Academy Bridger Elementary

Las Vegas, NV

Two large integrated shades adorn this lovely new playground at Quest Academy Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Runyan Elementary School

Conroe, TX

Many students at Runyan Elementary think that the playground is the best part of the school. We think it is pretty great too!

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Cherokee Elementary School

Guntersville, AL

The children at Cherokee Elementary School in Guntersville, Alabama have a new playground that will help improve their overall health and fitness levels.

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Douglas Road Elementary

Lambertville, MI

Two brothers inspired this unique, themed playground, that celebrates a place where all children, regardless of their abilities, can play together.

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Eden Park Academy

Austin, TX

This high-intensity Skyline structure provides a modern configuration and composition that really challenges the students at Eden Park Academy.

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The Westerly School

Long Beach, CA

Westerly School's motto - Innovative learning for curious minds - aligns quite well with the new Tree Fort playground installed in 2013.

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