How can a parent capture the joy on their child's face as they swing? Introducing the SelfieSwing!


We are pretty excited about our new swings! For the first time ever, a parent can swing with their child and capture the expression of joy on their faces, hands-free, with the patent-pending SelfieSwing! A unique molded-in cell phone pocket on the tot swing makes this possible. Once the phone is placed in the pocket and set to photo or video, parents can swing unencumbered and enjoy the experience of eye to eye contact with their child. Later, they can then relive the moment and share it with family and friends! Below are some of the different SelfieSwing options. Three different ways to Be in the moment while capturing the memories!

Reflections SelfieSwing

  • Face-to-face interaction for parent and child
  • Recessed phone pocket for hands-free pictures or video
  • Side support bar for easy entry and child placement in swing
  • Roto-molded design in 15 color options and 22 metal accents
  • Both seats offer maximum comfort and support
  • Exclusive, patent-pending design
  • Perfect for any modern playground design
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Reflections SelfieSwing

Totmates SelfieSwing

  • Fully enclosed seats comfortably support two 2-5 year-olds
  • Face to face swing experience for siblings and friends
  • Recessed phone pocket allows for hands-free pictures and videos
  • Roto-molded design in 15 color options and 22 metal accents
  • Side support bar allows easy entry to seats
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Totmates SelfieSwing
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