Sensory Summit Serpentine Level 4 Sensor Package (68173)

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Product Information

The Sensory Summit Serpentine Level 4 Sensor Package consists of six specially curated sensors that attach to the Sensory Summit Serpentine Climber, which is sold separately. These play sensors offer a rich and balanced sensory experience, providing visual, tactile, and auditory activities. The Level 4 Sensor package consists of four 12” inserts, including the Rain, Roller Balls, Hypnetic, and Flat Mirror. Two 20” sensors include the Keyboard and Wave Sound. Both of these auditory sensors are Adaptive Switch ready (not included).

  • Auditory sensors include: Rain, Keyboard, and Wave Sound
  • Tactile sensors include: Roller Balls
  • Visual sensors include: Hypnetic and Flat Mirror