Assisted Functional Trainer (UP351)

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Product Information

The Assisted Functional Trainer hosts a myriad of benefits from Cardiovascular Endurance, Balance, and Core Strength. The center platform provides a step-up/step-down or step-up/step-over practice while each end offers a seated-to-standing exercise using the Comfort Seat provided, or by use from their mobility device. One of the biggest fears for this age group is falling. The unique features of the Active Adult line recognize the importance of handholds, seating and stepping surfaces that provide added stability for peace of mind and reduces the risk of falls. Please visit for more information.

  • Handrails feature a textured hand grip for added support and platform¬†surface is made from marine-grade, slip resistant plastics
  • The Comfort Seat features an 18‚Ä≥ wide seat, built in hand grips, and extra padding for comfort and support
  • ADA Accessible
  • Freestanding instructional sign included