Grant Opportunities For Playgrounds

Learn more about the latest grant opportunities to help fund your playground project. Our comprehensive funding guide identifies playground grants that range from the local to international level.

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Safeco Community Grants

Grant Provider: Safeco

Type:  Outdoor Recreational Areas & Facilities

Amount: Varies

Description: To strengthen America's neighborhood parks and gathering spaces

Rotary District Simplified Grants

Grant Provider: Rotary International

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

Description: To tackle the most serious challenges of promoting peace, preventing disease, education, and developing communities

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grants

Grant Provider: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Type:  Health & Wellness

Amount: Varies

Description: To improve the health and health care of all Americans

Robert W. Woodruff Foundation Grant Program

Grant Provider: Robert W. Woodruff Foundation

Type:  Community Development

Amount: $100,000-$1,000,000

State:  Georgia

Description: To support charitable, scientific and educational activities

Recreational Trails Program (RTP)

Grant Provider: U.S. Department of Transportation

Type:  Recreational Trails & Facilities

Amount: $84 milion nationwide

Description: To create and maintain recreational trails and facilities for motorized and non-motorized trail use

Rasmuson Foundation

Grant Provider: Rasmuson

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

State:  Alaska

Description: To demonstrate strong leadership, clarity of purpose, and cautious use of resources

Rapid Response Grants

Grant Provider: Advocacy Advance - Biking & Walking

Type:  Transportation Safety & Convenience

Amount: Varies

Description: To allow advocacy organizations to win, increase and preserve public funding in their communities

Quality Health Foundation Grants

Grant Provider: Quality Health Foundation

Type:  Health & Wellness

Amount: Varies

State:  Maryland

Description: To achieve more meaningful participation in the community and promote physical and mental health

PeyBack Foundation Grants

Grant Provider: PeyBack Foundation

Type:  Youth Development

Amount: Varies

States:  Colorado,  Indiana,  Louisiana,  Tennessee

Description: To provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk, with focus on programs that occur outside of a typical school day

Peter Kiewit Foundation Grants

Grant Provider: Peter Kiewit Foundation

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Up to 50% of total project cost

States:  California,  Iowa,  Nebraska,  Wyoming

Area: Western Iowa, Sheridan, Wyoming and Rancho Mirage, California

Description: To build up strong communities and help strengthen the community as a whole

Park and Recreation Development Fund

Grant Provider: South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Type:  Outdoor Recreational Areas & Facilities

Amount: Varies

State:  South Carolina

Description: To provide recreational opportunities for the overall community

Outdoor Recreation Grants

Grant Provider: Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Type:  Outdoor Recreational Areas & Facilities

Amount: Up to $100,000

State:  Missouri

Description: To create and maintain high quality of outdoor recreational