Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

By incorporating outdoor fitness equipment as an added amenity to an overall play environment, adults and caregivers can exercise while supervising their children - creating an active, multi-generational environment.

Unique Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Parks

Outdoor Fitness Parks provide a variety of benefits to the both the users and the community at large in that they make exercise fun, promote friendship, improve health, and offer revenue opportunities.

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National Demonstration Sites - Outdoor Fitness Parks

Join the movement to become a National Demonstration Site for Adult Outdoor Fitness! Promoting leadership through best practice principles that introduce outdoor fitness to communities helps promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

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The FitTech line offers an intense design solution for high use areas where form and function matter.


The Traditional line provides multipurpose stationary fitness equipment for the budget-conscious purchaser. Also considering looking through our playground grant opportunities.

Active Adult Fitness

Active Adult Fitness approaches fitness from the perspective of those who wish to maintain their everyday activities and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.