Play & Park Structures wants to help make your new school playground project a reality. We've provided some case studies of successful projects that met the needs of customers focusing on products for schools and related educational environments.

Eden Park Academy

Austin, TX

This high-intensity Skyline structure provides a modern configuration and composition that really challenges the students at Eden Park Academy.

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The Westerly School

Long Beach, CA

Westerly School's motto - Innovative learning for curious minds - aligns quite well with the new Tree Fort playground installed in 2013.

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Rivermont Elementary School

Chattanooga, TN

Employees from PlayCore's corporate offices and the Fort Payne manufacturing plant were on hand to lend some sweat equity to the installation of this much needed new playground at Rivermont Elementary school.

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Whitwell Elementary School

Whitwell, TN

This Spiral Mountain design featuring multi-colored slides, wavy climbers, and challenging overhead activities, boldly encourages students to spend their recess time wisely.

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Northwoods Academy

Macon, GA

Northwoods Academy's playground site was dedicated to a former Northwoods Academy teacher, Cherry McLure Slover, who passed away in 2007.

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Odebolt-Arthur Elementary School

Odebolt, IA

Odebolt-Arthur Elementary School’s playground not only features an exciting new structure, but also includes 3 bays of belted swings and a ‘Speedy Spinner’ where children can cooperatively spin their classmates round, and around.

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Emma B Ward Elementary

Lawrenceburg, KY

Emma B Ward Elementary now has an inclusive playground that both the children and parents envisioned after a long anticipated wait for improvements.

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Signal Centers Playground

Chattanooga, TN

Signal Centers is a nonprofit agency which serves typically developing children and children with special needs.

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Lisbon Elementary School

Lisbon, IA

This PlayOn! focused playground promotes physical fitness through six unique elements by offering standards-based activities that really get kids moving.

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