Grant Opportunities For Playgrounds

Learn more about the latest grant opportunities to help fund your playground project. Our comprehensive funding guide identifies playground grants that range from the local to international level.

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L.L. Bean Conservation and Recreation Grants

Grant Provider: L.L. Bean

Type:  Outdoor Recreational Areas & Facilities

Amount: Varies

Description: To bring primary focus to ensuring quality of outdoor experiences for communities

Kiwanis International Foundation

Grant Provider: Kiwanis Foundation

Type:  Youth Development

Amount: Up to $25,000

Description: To better the lives of children all over the globe

Kaiser Permanente Community Health Initiatives

Grant Provider: Kaiser Permanente

Type:  Health & Wellness

Amount: Varies

Area: California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest

Description: To support innovative efforts to increase nutritious foods, physical activity, economic vitality, safety and wellness in local schools, workplaces and neighborhoods

Indiana Community Improvement/Development Grants

Grant Provider: SIA Foundation - Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

State:  Indiana

Description: To improve the quality of life and to help meet the needs of residents

Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Grants

Grant Provider: Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

State:  Colorado

Description: To enrich the quality of life and strengthen communities

Healthy Schools Healthy Communities Initiative

Grant Provider: Missouri Foundation for Health

Type:  Health & Wellness

Amount: Varies

State:  Missouri

Description: To establish healthier communities and eliminate childhood obesity

Harley-Davidson Foundation

Grant Provider: Harley-Davidson

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

States:  Alabama,  Missouri,  Pennsylvania,  Wisconsin

Area: Talladega, Alabama; Kansas City, Missouri; York, Pennsylvania; Franklin, Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls, Tomahawk and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Description: To create healthy, thriving communities by placing an emphasis on education, arts and culture, health and the environment

Governor’s Community Partnership Grants

Grant Provider: West Virginia Department of Commerce

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

State:  West Virginia

Description: To assist with community and economic development

Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP 60)

Grant Provider: The Food and Nutrition Service and FUTP

Type:  Physical Activity

Amount: Up to $4,000

Area: All schools that activate FUTP 61

Description: To improve school nutrition and physical activity

Federal Highway Administration Programs (FHWA)

Grant Provider: U.S. Department of Transportation

Type:  Transportation Safety & Convenience

Amount: Varies

Description: To provide funding for trails, bicycle and pedestrian projects

Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation Grants

Grant Provider: Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation

Type:  Community Development

Amount: $5,000-$25,000

States:  Minnesota,  North Dakota

Area: Clay County, Minnesota; Cass County, North Dakota

Description: To support collaborative efforts that help address a specific community need/issue

Ethel S. Abbot Charitable Foundation Grant Program

Grant Provider: Ethel S. Abbot Charitable Foundation

Type:  Community Development

Amount: Varies

State:  Nebraska

Area: Greater Lincoln and Omaha, and western Nebraska

Description: To improve the quality of life and strengthen communities