Planning Guides

PlayCore's scholar and practitioner network informs a variety of useful planning resources and recommendations to help thoughtfully advocate and plan recreation projects across a variety of categories.

PlayCore recognizes that it is critical to elevate recreation spaces and to educate and inform decision makers and the public about the value these spaces bring to a community. These guides offer suggestions for responsible and effective approaches, tips for developing recommendations, and case examples from communities who have successfully advocated for recreation. 

Natural Harmony-An Instrumental Guide to Blending Music and Community

Music is an expressive language that is woven through the cultural fabric of generations and civilizations. Recent brain-based research has explored the powerful combination that music and nature has on our physical, mental, and emotional health, and the collective benefits that build more harmonious communities.

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Unleashed-Off-Leash Dog Park Design Trends and Planning Tips

The Unleashed guidebook educates professionals, individuals, and communities on how they can advocate for off-leash dog parks. The guidebook provides information on the value and benefits of these spaces, the design considerations associated with dog parks, and planning and implementation strategies.

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Shift Into Gear-A Bicycling Advocacy Resource

The benefits of cycling are extensive; it benefits people‚Äôs health and fitness, promotes societal and community capital, provides economic benefits to the area, enhances the transportation alternatives individuals can choose, and protects the environment. Today, advocating for and building cycling infrastructure is more important than ever.

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