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Jeff Mankins
15239 Fall Place Drive
San Antonio, TX 78247
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Jeff Mankins brings seasoned, professional experience with custom playground design, community-build playground projects, and the design and presentation of universal accessible playground projects to the southern Texas market. Born in Lubbock, Texas, Jeff has been an advocate for recreation and play for many years.  Spending 8 of the last 9 years in the playground industry as a Texas Territory Sales Manager, he became a Certified Playground Safety Inspector beginning in 2008, and is also a trained and certified playground installer. 

Here are some of the services that you can expect from Jeff Mankins:

  • Project Site Evaluation and Inspection 
  • Play Space Design Recommendations 
  • Proposal and Presentation Materials 
  • Risk Management Consultation 
  • Budgeting and Fundraising Ideas and Support 
  • Installation Referral and Maintenance Services




Recent Projects & Testimonials

Koennecke Elementary School, Seguin, TX

We consulted with the Seguin Independent School District in Texas to design 12 new school playgrounds that were both inclusive and that included the six key elements of play, encouraging moderate physical activity. All of them met these requirements and were awarded National Demonstration Site status.

Jefferson Elementary School, Seguin, TX

Our consultant designed a very special play space that sparks creativity and inspires a love of learning by offering a way for children to exert physical energy, practice social skills, learn about turn-taking, friendly competition, and best of all while having fun!

DeWitt-Lavaca Special Ed Co-op, Yoakum, TX

Annapolis Christian Academy, Corpus Christi, TX

Annapolis Christian Academy (ACA) moved to their current campus in 2010. While the campus had an existing playground that over the years has served students at the school, it soon became outdated.  The playground also started to break down due to the Texas Gulf Coast environment and how hard it can be on outdoor structures.

“Because we are a school, safety is always on the forefront of our minds. It is critical that children are safe when left in our care on a daily basis and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our goal at Annapolis is to provide the best educational experience possible and we focus on educating the whole child. There has been new and exciting research done that tells us more about how certain components play an integral part in how children develop multiple skills though free play,” shares Anne Thurwalker, Director of Development.

PlayCore recognizes Annapolis Christian Academy as Play On! National Demonstration Site following the research and programming of the Play On! Program, designed by PlayCore in partnership with SHAPE America, as they promote physical activity through the six elements of play to create developmentally appropriate challenges and fun for all.

Eden Park Academy, Austin, TX

This high-intensity Skyline structure provides a modern configuration and composition that really challenges the students at Eden Park Academy. The unique ‘deckless’ design encourages continuous, lateral and vertical play patterns, helping increase physical activity, strengthening core muscles, and propelling children become more active than ever before.

Rabb Park - Play for All Abilities, Round Rock, TX

The Play for ALL Abilities Playground is the first outdoor facility in Round Rock, Texas that allows children of all abilities to play together. The inspiration began with Kenneth Seymore, a caring father who diligently searched for a playground that his son Dennis, who is confined to a wheelchair, could play on. It took nearly 5 years from Kenneth’s first presentation to the city, for the actual grand opening of this award-winning park to take place in March of 2012.  The team never gave up hope, and their dream of a playground for children of all abilities had finally come true.